Mohammad Ehsani, Nahid Shetab Boshehri, Hashem Koozehchian


This paper examines women's position in Iran based sports organizations throughout the country. It is argued that: the so-called-neutral promotion process is biased against female candidates and in the end; it serves the purpose of reinforcing a male-dominated top management (Aitchison, 2003; Mckay, 1996; Shinew & Arnold, 1998). The data were collected through self-administered questionnaire (α=.86) in 2009. The findings of the study reveal several key items in evaluating candidates for promotion. The variables of higher education, organizational commitment, political skills, family support, ICT skills, psychological factors and sport management skills ranked the upper intermediate level for the female managers, but organizational environment stood at the lower level. In spite of these factors, women are absent from senior leadership positions and their powerlessness in hierarchy of Iranian sport organization is evidently shown. It is suggested that sport organizations bring about some changes aimed at supporting the women managers in fulfilling their needs.


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sport, management, women, promotion


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.46827/ejpe.v0i0.209


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