Moaiyad Abdelkarim Said Shana’h, Amani As Ameen Asi


The present study aims at investigating the life management skills acquired by students enrolled in the Physical Education Department at Al-Quds University. The study population included all third and fourth year students of the Physical Education Department of the academic year 2014/2015. The study sample consisted of 67 male and female students who were selected purposively. To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire was designed as an instrument for data collection. The questionnaire consisted of 45 items distributed over five domains, namely, physical and efficiency skills, thinking and discovery skills, mental skills, social skills and communication skills. The researchers applied the content validity approach to calculate the validity of the study. The researchers, as well, applied Cronbach's alpha scale to calculate the internal consistency coefficient of the study instrument as a whole. The findings of the study showed that the life skills acquired by the students of the Department of Physical Education are higher in level than all other study disciplines and that there were no significant differences in the acquired life skills of the sample individuals pertaining to the variables of sex, academic level and place of residence. The researchers, consequently, recommended that various life skills should be integrated in the academic process and that the educational experiences should be connected to different life experiences. The researchers, further, recommended that certain courses and workshops should be organized to explain to university educators and students the concept of life skills and how they can be integrated in academic curricula.


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life skills, physical education students, academic curricula


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