C. A. Omeire, E. T. Oparaocha, O. C. Abanobi, S. N. O. Ibe, E. A. Nwoke


Chronic kidney disease is a global public health concern and its associated risk factors vary between climes. The rising prevalence of this non-communicable disease calls for serious attention to the risk factors of this disease. This study to ascertain the pattern of distribution of the risk factors of chronic kidney disease was carried out on 750 participants with males being 244 and females 506. About 484 (64.5%) of the participants had hypertension (males 152 (62.2%), females 332 (65.6%). With respect to diabetes, 76 (10.1%) of the participants had diabetes (males 36 (14.8%) and females 40 (7.9%). Obesity was recorded in 145 (19.3%) of the study participants, out of which 17 (7.0%) and 128 (25.3%) of the males and females had obesity respectively. More so, 33 (13.5%) of the males and 7 (1.4%) of the females currently smoke and overall percentage prevalence of 40 (5.3%) was recorded for cigarette smoking. Alcohol use was found in 258 (34.4%) of the participants, with males and females recording 144 (59.0%) and 114 (22.5%) respectively. Co-morbidity of hypertension and diabetes was found to be 56 (7.5%), while 207 (27.6%) and 14 (1.9%) of the participants were not aware they had hypertension and diabetes respectively. Hypertension was found to be more prevalent among the study participants. Screening people from time to time will help to detect these risk factors on time, thereby aiding the prevention and control of chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is also imperative that prevention and control be focused on lifestyle changes which form the bedrock of primary level of prevention.


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chronic kidney disease, risk factors, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking and alcohol use

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