Mohammad Al-Shehab


The current study aims at analyzing the grammatical errors or mistakes made by translation students at English Department (ED) at Jadara University in Jordan. To achieve the purpose of this study, a validated and reliable scientific Arabic text of environmental text as a test was used. It was given to a sample consists of 20 translation students, and the sample was selected randomly from ED. The students were asked to translate the Arabic environmental text into English. The results reveal the most common grammatical problems found are the problem of “Wrong Word Usage” that has achieved the first rank, followed by the use of the "Subject Verb Agreement", and then the problem of "Sentence Fragment" that has got the third rank. The last rank is for the problems of "Pronouns" and "Verb To Be". In the light of study's results, a number of recommendations and further researches were set up.


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grammatical problems, translation students, environmental text, Jadara University

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