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Every occupation desire recognition as a profession for a variety of reasons, sport management inclusive for example Law, medicine and Engineering are professions that traditionally carry with them prestige, respect and autonomy. Ethical code of conduct are meant to address a variety of ethical issues of the profession such as level of knowledge and skills; licensing; maintenance of discipline within the profession, establishment and registration of persons entitle to practice. It is with this in mind that the paper explored professional society, ethical issues, ethical code of conduct as moral and social obligation. The paper provides the foundation for a rational application of the principles of ethics to the ethical problems that confront the sport management profession in Nigeria. Many would suggest that the present ethical environment in sport management profession is in an abysmal state as the field does not have a recognize body (Association/Society) the like of NASSM SMAANZ, EASM, ALGEDE and AASM. There is the need for the setting up of sport management professional association to be called Nigerian Sport Management Association (NISMA) as currently there is no such association in existence. When established, the association should have a professional creed for consideration of its members and this will require cooperation with a wide range of other professional bodies in the field, such as NAPHER-SD, NASSM, NSHA and other closely related occupational and professional group; these is because developing a code of ethic for sport managers is problematical undertaking. The breadth of the field makes it very difficult to create a code that has encompassing relevance. 


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ethic, ethical issues, profession, sport & management


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