Noor Hanim Rahmat, Sharifah Amani Syed Abdul Rahman, Hadayat Rahmah Hassan


Teachers who had the opportunity of teaching reading to different generation of students will understand that not only do reading materials differ, but teaching focus and method need to vary across generations. The influx of generation Z into learning institutions has encouraged many academicians to consider the influence of many aspects when it comes to reading comprehension. This study explores the influence of reading issues, cognitive skills and critical thinking skills across different faculties among the Z generations in a public institution in Malaysia. 97 respondents were purposely chosen. Out of these 97 students, 25 students were from Mechanical Engineering, 18 were from Chemical Engineering, 29 were from Civil Engineering and 25 were from Business and Management. The instrument used is a questionnaire with four sections; Section A looks at the demographic profile. Section B looks at Issues in Reading, Section C looks at Cognitive Skills and Section D looks at Critical Thinking Skills. Analysed data reveals interesting implications for the teaching and learning of reading.


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reading, generation Z, reading issues, cognitive skills, critical thinking skills

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.46827/ejel.v0i0.2158


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