Yang Feng, Yanhong Feng


One hundred and six sophomore students in English major from four classes in a Chinese university were divided into the experimental group and control group. The experimental group adopted a new teaching model of "online teaching + flipped classroom + online correction", while the control group adopted the traditional teaching model of "classroom instruction + homework + teacher correction". The experiment lasted a semester and the results show that the new teaching model can more effectively stimulate students' interest and enthusiasm for English writing than the traditional one. The mean score of the students in the experimental group increased 10.35 points and the growth is three times as much as that of the control group. The students' overall satisfaction with the new teaching model reaches 90%, while the overall satisfaction of the traditional teaching model is only 20%. This teaching reform experiment has certain significance for the teaching reform of college English writing course in China and other non-English speaking countries.


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Chinese universities; English writing course; teaching reform; experiments

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