Nguyen Phu Loc, Le Viet Minh Triet, Nguyen Thanh That


Application of information technology to education with the purpose of contributing to improving the quality of education and teaching in general and in teaching mathematics, in particular, is a trend of the world. In Vietnam, this trend has been implemented in high schools for many years. To find out about the status of facilities and teaching related to using information technology (IT) of mathematics teachers in schools in Hau Giang province - Vietnam, we conducted a survey of 71 mathematics teachers by 5 - point Likert scale questionnaire. The survey contents were (1) Current status of facilities for teaching and applying IT; (2) The frequency of using IT in teaching high school mathematics; (3) The software used in teaching mathematics; (4) The learning attitude of students when teachers apply IT in teaching and learning; (5) Students' ability to absorb knowledge in lessons with the support of IT. The results showed that in some schools, facilities for using IT were inadequate; teachers sometimes or rarely applied IT in their teaching. However, most of the mathematics teachers asserted that teaching with IT increased motivation and performance of students. The report has partly reflected the practical situation of this approach to educational technology in Hau Giang province in particular and in Vietnam in common.


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educational technology, IT and teaching, ICT, mathematics software, secondary education, mathematics education

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