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European Journal of Education Studies is an international peer reviewed publication that presents high quality, original and recent research focused on a wide range of thematic areas from traditional to contemporary, from formal education to alternative, examining and comparing various education policies, trends, reforms and programmes from different countries and cultures. Authors are strongly encouraged to employ a variety of theoretical and methodological tools in order to gain new insights by integrating different perspectives, social and cultural contexts, psychological aspects, alternative theories and techniques. European Journal of Education Studies is published quarterly on-line in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Research papers accepted: articles, communications, intervention studies, study cases, book reviews, commentaries, short reports, etc. Printed copies of the journal are available on request. The research papers can be submitted on line at specifying the preferred journal.

Volume 3, Issue 11, 2017

Table of Contents


Ali Ouasri, Konstantinos Ravanis
Carla Lorenzo Martín, María del Carmen Rodríguez-Jiménez, Ana Isabel González-Herrera, Yolanda Márquez-Domínguez
Mehmet Ali Kandemir, Rahile Akbaş-Perkmen
Seda Ata
Fevzi Dursun
Adanma Nnekwu Duvie, Issadas Chinwendu Nwokediuko
Gürkan Yildirim
Oloo Antone Onyango, M. Adhiambo Jacinta, Anyona Jared Ntabo
Ahmet Göçen, Habib Özğan
Sarfraz Aslam, Muhammad Shabbir Ali
Wesam Rohouma, Hameda Suwaed
Koketso Jeremiah
Yeliz Yazici, Erhan Sur
A. C. Izuagba, A. O. Afurobi
Duong Huu Tong, Bui Phuong Uyen, Ha Hoang Quoc Thi, Nguyen Thi Lai
Kelemu Zelalem Berhanu, Ali Sabancı
Savaş Baştürk