S. Sunhaji, M. Mukhroji, Ade Eka Pradana, Tol’ah Aeni Firdiasih, Hari Prasetio


Education has the meaning of guiding in addition to teaching science to students. Aliyah's students are in the teenage age range, which has the characteristics of starting to think about future careers. One form of guidance on career aspects for adolescents can be done through career guidance and counseling. Therefore, good management is needed to run effectively and efficiently. Management of career guidance and counseling covers aspects of planning, organizing, implementing and supervising. The type of research used is qualitative, with a case study approach. Data collection techniques in this study use interviews, observations, and documentation with the research subject of the head of the Islamic school, deputy head of the Islamic school, guidance and counseling teachers. The data analysis technique used consists of data reduction by eliminating data that is not related to the research, data display, namely presenting data in the form of narratives, tables or charts, as well as conclusion drawing/verification by making conclusions on research data. The technique for checking the validity of the data uses triangulation of sources and techniques. Career guidance and counseling planning at State Islamic Senior High School 1 Tegal has been going well, with the planning stages consisting of preparation, program preparation, the urgency of programming and planning steps for career guidance and counseling programs. The organization of career guidance and counseling is carried out through departmental steps (division of tasks or jobs) with job descriptions for each section in accordance with their competence and authority. In addition, the implementation of career guidance and counseling at State Islamic Senior High School 1 Tegal has been running from class X to class XII students, with individual, group, classical, and special service formats. And supervision uses context, input, process, and product (CIPP).


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guidance, career, counseling, school, management

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