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European Journal of Education Studies


  1. Perceptions of English Instructors and Learners about Corrective Feedback
  2. John Dewey - Philosopher and Educational Reformer
  3. Hunting Apprenticeship as Indigenous Form of Education for Sustainable Conservation of Wildlife in Mau Forest of Kenya
  4. The Importance of Monitoring Skills in Physics Problem Solving
  5. The Impact of Physical Settings on Pre-Schoolers Classroom Organization
  6. Lexical Collocations (Verb + Noun) across Written Academic Genres in English
  7. The Effects of a Social Learning Network on Students' Performances and Attitudes
  8. Investigation of Job Satisfaction Levels of School Administrators and Teachers
  9. Fourth Graders and Non-Routine Problems: Are Strategies Decisive for Success?
  10. Review of Opinions of Math Teachers Concerning the Learning Environment That They Design
  11. The Effect of the Success in Teaching Geometry of Basic Level Education Mathematics
  12. The Relationships between Critical Thinking Skills and Learning Styles of Gifted Students
  13. The Effects of Social Capital Elements on Job Satisfaction and Motivation Levels of Teachers
  14. Investigating the Association between Turkish Freshman's Multiple Intelligence Profiles and University Entrance Exam Performance
  15. Attributions to Success and Failure in English Language Learning: The Effects of Gender, Age and Perceived Success
  16. Competences for All: Recognizing and Developing Competences of Young People with Fewer Opportunities
  17. Particulate Nature of Matter Misconceptions Held by Middle and High School Students in Turkey
  18. Exploring the Impact of Internet Addiction on Academic Achievement
  19. High School Students' Cognitive Flexibility Is Predicted by Self-Efficacy and Achievement
  20. Mathematical Practices in a Learning Environment Designed by Realistic Mathematics Education: Teaching Experiment about Cone and Pyramid
  21. Determining Science Teachers' Levels of Motivation and Self-Regulation Regarding Use of Education Technologies
  22. Teaching for Hot Conceptual Change: Towards a New Model, beyond the Cold and Warm Ones
  23. Teaching Multiplication and Multiplication Tables by the Application of Finger Multiplication
  24. Associating Mathematical Stories That Are Written by the 8th Grade Students Who Are Studying at Advantageous and Disadvantageous Regions' Schools with Their Mathematical Perceptions: Istanbul Case
  25. How Is the Learning Environment in Physics Lesson with Using 7E Model Teaching Activities
  26. An Investigation of the Association between Teacher-Student Relations and School Adjustment Competencies in Turkey
  27. The Impediments Encountered While Learning Mathematics by Eight Grade Students
  28. Investigation of Nursery Rhymes According to the Classification of Semantic Fields and Values
  29. Prospective Mathematics Teachers' Ability to Identify Mistakes Related to Angle Concept of Sixth Grade Students
  30. The Development of Critical Thinking Attitudes Scale
  31. 7th Grade Students' Mental Models about the Concept of "Sustainable Development"
  32. John Dewey's Influence on Turkish Education System in the Early Republic Era
  33. Social Studies Curricula in Turkey: Historical Evolution
  34. Investigating of the Relationship between the Views of the Prospective Science Teachers on the Nature of Scientific Models and Their Achievement on the Topic of Atom
  35. The Metaphorical Perceptions of Students on a Teacher-Training Course towards the Concepts of "Teacher" and "Teacher Training"
  36. The Conflict Management Strategies of School Administrators While Conflicting with Their Supervisors
  37. Science Curriculum from the Perspectives of Turkish Teachers: Problems Encountered and Suggestions for Solutions
  38. Examination of the Transfer of Astronomy and Space Sciences Knowledge to Daily Life
  39. Formative and Summative Assessment in Higher Education: Opinions and Practices of Instructors
  40. The Implementation of Graduate Education to Professional Performance: Teachers' Perspectives
  41. An Analysis of the Reasoning Skills of Pre-Service Teachers in the Context of Mathematical Thinking
  42. The Assessment on the Application of School Administrator Selection in Turkey Related to Competency and Career Principles of Human Resource Management
  43. Determination of Science Teachers' Opinions about Outdoor Education
  44. Using Online Videos to Improve Speaking Abilities of EFL Learners
  45. Preservice History and Social Studies Teachers' Perceptions of Outdoor History Teaching
  46. An Investigation of the Relationship between Digital Citizenship Levels of Pre-Service Primary School Teachers and Their Democratic Values
  47. Evaluation of Teachers' Opinions Relating Improving Qualification in Teaching Process
  48. Migration Fact from Perspective of Turkish Prospective Teachers and Its Effect on Education
  49. The Opinions of Pre-Service Science Teachers on School Practice
  50. The Effect of Friendship Skills Training on Friendship Quality and Subjective Well-Being of Adolescents
  51. Influence of a Game-Based Application on Secondary School Students' Safe Internet Use



European Journal of Foreign Language Teaching


  1. Retention and Use of Lexical Collocations (Verb + Noun and Adjective + Noun) by Applying Lexical Approach in a Reading Course
  2. Language Learning Strategies of Turkish and Arabic Students: A Cross-Cultural Study
  3. The Effects of Conceptual Metaphors on the Acquisition of Phrasal Verbs by Turkish EFL Learners
  4. The Predictive Degree of University Students' Levels of Metacognition and Need for Cognition on Their Academic Achievement



European Journal of English Language Teaching


  1. Evaluation of English as a Foreign Language Program--Using CIPP (Context, Input, Process and Product) Model
  2. A Needs Analysis Study for Preparatory Class ELT Students
  3. Increasing Creativity with the Self-Studies in Basic English Classes
  4. The Positive Effects of Cognitive Learning Styles in ELT Classes
  5. Stop at the Red Light! Determinants of Research in Teacher Education: P.I.S. Theory
  6. A Comparative Study on the Effects of Negative Evidence and Enriched Input on Learning of Verb-Noun Collocations



European Journal of Special Education Research


  1. Special Education Teachers' Views on Using Technology in Teaching Mathematics